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How It All Started

My current bar cart has come a long way from the 2 bottles and 2 liter soda combination that lived under my dorm room bed in college. I'd say my first experience of making drinks was freshman year of college. One of my teammates and closest friends would always pregame together before a night out. Every time was the same: Jack and Coke and either Fortnite or Apex on his Xbox. Back then, and to this day, I pride myself with strong drinks that taste very good (still working on toning it down for those more sensitive to booze).

Fast forward to the COVID-19 pandemic, this is where I really got into making drinks (ones with more than 2 ingredients). It started when my dad and I found a mixology masterclass online. Over the course of a few months, we would try and learn a new drink, spirit, or liquor each week. It was a ton of fun and brought us closer together during the time. By the time I was able to return to school, I was a senior and had locked down a room in my frat house for the year. Determined not to leave my mixology days behind me, and one questionable Costco run later, I had a nice stash under my bed for mixing drinks. We had most of your basic spirits and mixers, enough to make some simple, yet tasty drinks. My shaker was a team issued protein shaker but, hey, it did the job. Most of the drinks were a hit and that's all that matters. That spring break, I spent the first half in a bartending course to become a licensed bartender cause why not. Here's the result of my final speed test:

Following graduation, I made a move to the New York City where my real drink making journey begins. I was gifted a bar cart which I've put to great use! I've grown to really appreciate a nice whiskey which is what I have the most of at the time of this post. A couple of rearrangements later, we have this:

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