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May Bottle of of the Month

How do you keep in touch with one of your best friends from college when the two of you now live across the country? Easy...booze. The two of us have definitely come a long way from our dorm drinking days. Following graduation last year, we've set out to try a new bottle of liquor each month. The plan was simple, we pick a bottle, both pick it up in our respective cities then crack it open over FaceTime and give it a try. The past few months have been a variety of different whiskeys as that's our liquor of choice 9 times out of 10. However, this month, we decided to change things up and go with a bottle of tequila, reposado to be specific. We started our search on this site (link) with little prior knowledge of where to start. Although we didn't end up with anything there (mainly due to lack of optionality at my local liquor store), we were quite satisfied with our choice. This bottle came at the recommendation of my local liquor store as he pushed it over a bottle of Don Julio Reposado. With blind faith, along with a pretty good track record of following their recs, I bought a Don Fulano Reposado.

Now, my buddy was coming off not one but two trips down to Mexico in the past month so he had a pretty good handle on how to properly indulge on a glass of tequila. The technique was rather simple, take a deep breath in, followed by a sip of the tequila and exhale slowly after swallowing with the tequila on your breath. We were both pleasantly surprised at how smooth this bottle was. The burn was subtle and the flavor was there. After a glass of the reposado alone, we each made an El Diablo cocktail, the inspiration for this month's bottle. We used a simple recipe online (link) and the result was a bright and refreshing drink. It was neither too boozy nor too sweet. I think it's a perfect summer cocktail.

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