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So I Went to Toronto...

It was a very short, last minute 48 hour trip to Toronto. Did I have a choice? No. But I did make the most of my trip there. In the liquor world, the only thing I knew Canada for was Canadian Whiskey and of course, I had to bring some back from my trip. After some brief research (thank you and some natural skepticism on celebrity bottles (sorry Wayne Gretzky), I landed on a bottle of Forty Creek Confederation Oak which did not disappoint. A smooth but complex flavor profile that will boast well both on it's own and in a mixed cocktail.

Now, Canada is also known for their incredible variety of maple syrup and next to this bottle of whiskey, I came across this bottle of maple cream liquor (pictured right). A creamy and sweet liquor with a hint of maple, I figured it would work similar to an Irish Cream liquor. As it was post dinner and I was feeling something on the sweeter side, I decided to go for a creamy espresso martini using both of these new bottles. I've attempted the whiskey espresso martini before however, that one was more of an epic fail. Long story short, it just did not work. This, on the other hand, my second attempt, was lovely:

Maple Whiskey Espresso Martini

-2oz Canadian Whiskey

-1oz Maple Cream Liquor

-1 Espresso Shot

-3-4 Dashes of Chocolate Bitters

Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker and shake to chill. Double strain into a chilled coupe glass and enjoy!

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