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The Whiskey Post

So, I love whiskey. I love making drinks with it, I love finding new and interesting bottles. My go to types are Bourbon and Japanese Whiskey. Elijah Craig Small Batch is my go for mixing followed by Great Jones Bourbon. My absolute favorite drink to make is a black Manhattan. It really showcases the whiskey and it perfect for sipping with company. Here, I've listed a few of my favorite whiskey cocktail recipes including a play on the black Manhattan.

Black Manhattan

A very simple cocktail to make, this drink showcases the complexity of the two spirits it's comprised of, Bourbon and Amaro. I've used plenty of different Bourbons for this drink but one of my favorites to use is Buffalo Trace. While optional, I once topped the drink with a coffee foam which really elevated the drinking experience. I love this drink both with and without the foam.

-2oz Bourbon

-1oz Italian Amaro (I like to use Montenegro)

-1 dash Angostura Bitters

-1 dash Orange Bitters

-Coffee Foam - optional (link)

Stir with 1 inch ice cubes in a mixing glass and garnish with a cherry

Sweet Honey Old Fashioned

Bourbon Renewal

New York Sour

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